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iTunes 9

 I downloaded the new iTunes the other day when my update software asked me to. I synced my iPod Nano 3G to it the next day, and iTunes deleted everything off of it then put it back on. It's not that it's synced to a different computer, because all of my music is on this one. I figured the new iTunes was just adjusting to my iPod or something crazy. I plugged my iPod in again about 30 minutes ago, and it's doing the same thing again. Is there a setting or something that's making iTunes do this? I'm afraid to look through the menus at the top because I'm afraid I'll uncheck something important.
This isn't a big deal, I would just like to sleep with my iPod on, but I can't because I can only sync it before I go to bed, and it takes it hours to empty and refill. All help is greatly appreciated!

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