Dustin Burns (dotcomslash) wrote in ituneswindows,
Dustin Burns

processing files disappear

So, I'm downloading an album. The first three songs download and start processing. After about 10 minutes, I decide the program must be frozen so I quit. Itunes tells me that I still have downloads and they will resume when I restart.

I restart itunes and it starts downloading songs 4, 5 and 6. 1-3 are gone. They never processed but they are removed from the downloads list and are not on my computer.

Is there any fix? I went to Store > Available downloads, and nothing is there. So it thinks I downloaded them, yet they're not on my computer and they are not in my purchased folder.

I emailed iTunes but I'm hoping you all might know something, perhaps a way to find the uncompleted file and "finish" it.
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