Jason (pyro79) wrote in ituneswindows,

I want ratings from iPod to transfer to iTunes

I recently reformatted my C: drive as a last resort to getting rid of a nasty virus.  So I had to reinstall all my software, including iTunes.  My music is saved on a different partition, so it was all safe and I just had to re-add it to my newly installed iTunes.

The problem came when I went to sync with my iPod because iTunes says that my iPod is synced with a different iTunes (from before I reformatted) and it wants to erase my iPod and start over.  However, all my ratings and playlists and play counts are on the iPod, and I want to get them back into iTunes on my computer.

I can't seem to find a free way to do that.  There are some 3rd party programs that claim to be able to, but the cheapest is $20 and that seems kind of steep when all I want to do is avoid having to re-rate my music.. and preserve my play counts.  

Someone else has to have had this happen to them before.  There must be an alternative I'm missing!  :)
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